Where the blog started

MONDAY – About Face. This is my day of beautiful people from around the world.

TUESDAY – Street Hearts. These posts are what people like or comment on the most, no matter what crazy shit I post about our Government. That fact did not lead me to believe that people are flaky or shallow, instead, it reinforced that most of us are drawn to random beautiful acts of love.

WEDNESDAY – Hump Day. Its time to talk about Queer Politics. Click on Hump Day and you will see what I mean.

THURSDAY – Treat me Right. I am in awe that we just unprotected our First Nations water supply and we are blindly (or secretly) trying to sell off their land (or neighbouring land) to China. By the way, we all need that water system and land to be healthy.

FRIDAY – Medicine Man. I miss school projects.

SATURDAY – I’m so glad she found me. I have always wanted to be an artist but I lack the talent to do something grand with my hands. It was not until I went to a Gospel Brunch in Chicago and learnt the term folk artist, that I felt I had the right to call myself an artist.

SUNDAY – Hearing the Gospel. Unlike Monday I don’t have years of photos to post so this day keeps me paying attention to the world I am moving in.

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