I like Spring

beaches heart womanI cannot wait for light, airy summer nights in Toronto. The romance of fall and the cashmere feel of winter have worn off.

I like spring, it reattaches me to my heart.

The Brilliance of Winter

Last week I went up to my land to clear the snow off the tent and make sure it was still standing.

jbi-feb15-8 jbi-feb15-10

What did we bring? 4 delicious croissants, 2 specialty coffees, sparkling water, my camera and a bottle of wine.


What did we not bring? Shovels.

jbi-feb15-19 jbi-feb15-15

What happened? Two grown woman were transported back to grade 5 and it was magical.

jbi-feb15-17jbi-feb15-16jbi-feb15-21 jbi-feb15-25 jbi-feb15-24

Hot Chocolate

Toronto Life published “Secrets to a Happy Toronto Winter” and number 4 was hot chocolate. Ticking off each one was a great way to spend some time in my city.

Briotett Crème de ChataigneColettes – is a stunning French bistro in downtown Toronto. Of all the 5 recommended hot chocolates this one is the most expensive and fair enough. It has alcohol, a tasty chocolate topping and the service is excellent. Tasty yes, but I would take my 18.00 and buy a bottle of wine and some truffles instead.

somaSoma – This one can be served with milk or water but I like to take it as one intense, spicy, deep dark chocolate shot. Amazing!  I have been drinking this one for a number of years now at their location in the Distillery Market. Delish.

nadegeNadège – fruity notes did not work for me but that carmel ‘donut’ is out of this world.


Delight – Again this hot chocolate did not move me. The peanut butter molten goo was not present when I showed up so I was a little disappointed. I would not go back for the hot chocolate but they have a 5 year old aged cheddar truffle that I will bring me back to them again and again.

Barsa TabernaBarsa Taberna – could not agree more with the write up. Delicious and my favourite!


Just Broken In – Winter

In the right setting winter is a stunning season and my land is the right setting. Winter can also be one of the hardest seasons to make it through. This November, we wrapped the tent up and reinforced it with some 2x4s and said a little prayer.jbi-roof3 jbi-roof13 jbi-roof26 jbi-roof28 jbi-roof29

December was very kind to us and January so far has been good. Yesterday I drove up to make sure everything was ok.

There was about a foot and a half of snow on the roof. I went in the tent, pushed my hand up and hit it once, the entire roof’s snow cover slide off. Another text book moment. jbi-roof25

Inherited Luxury

I grew up in the Prairies and every Sunday we went to church (Presbyterian). In the winter I can remember curling into my Mom and her fur jacket, it was awesome. I still love fur. I don’t eat animals but on occasion I wear them. My Grandma left my mother a couple of furs that she would love to wear but doesn’t dare, as the potential confrontations outweigh the joy of putting on her mother’s coat.

I am going to see if she would be interested in donating them to the best twin bed sleeping cover ever.

Thanks Prada, I am adding this to the list of “Things for the Ginger Shack”



I cannot wait to have very few but very beautiful things.


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