Medicine Man for July 5





So my choppers are not perfectly white but should they really ever be? I am going to continue on for 1 more month because for the first 3 weeks I was diluting a cap full with a small mouthful of water (very scientific measurements) and it was not until the last week that I upped it to straight vinegar. Which is an acquired taste to say the least. I also decided to quit drinking coffee this past month and have moved from my winter red wine to light lovely whites as it is summer. So we will check back in on August 2nd to see if I am lighting up the room with my 20 watt grin.

These are not the most attractive photos but in the name of healthy scientific pursuits they are here.

Medicine Man for June 7


Pearly whites are the must have accessory! I have tried a number of different remedies cause for whatever reason at the age of 31 I decided to start drinking coffee. This was not the best choice for my pearly whites so now 7 years later I am attempting to get back the virgin teeth I had up until then. Tried the strips in the stores but felt like the enamel was being pulled off my teeth and if you cannot swallow something should you really be putting it in your mouth. So for the next 4 weeks this is what we are going to do.

Apple Cider teeth!

There will be a before and after shot posted on July 5th but until then I like this guy.        Mr. I Shake my Fist at Stained Teeth!

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