I like Spring

beaches heart womanI cannot wait for light, airy summer nights in Toronto. The romance of fall and the cashmere feel of winter have worn off.

I like spring, it reattaches me to my heart.

Medicine Man for March 21


The Street Hearts posts began on March 26, 2013 with my favourite one of all, this guy. I wanted to take him home but thought that would be selfish so instead I slowly watched posters go up all over him and then one day the wall was broken and all traces of him gone.

Forever .. right??? Nope. So 1 year later I have gone back and added some of my own love. I am going to pop by Kensington Market every so often to see what happens with what I put up. I like the idea of letting go and seeing what other people do to my words and heart.

heartk1 heartk2 heartk3 heartk45 days later….

heartk5 heartk6


Hearing the Gospel for August 25

street art?A sad man with a long nose and a droopy eye with a puff of smoke or ying and yang characters next to him with hopeful blue mountains to the other side? Or an old piece of wood up against a fence with random paint and lots of cut marks…. Sunday wanders are the best!

Hearing the Gospel for August 18

st pacman

I loved the classic PacMan the most. Ms. PacMan was interesting. Nice bow, seriously, she had to be sexualized? Super PacMan was taking me to the next level of games that I had no interest in. Sweet, simple, a few steps above Pong, PacMan.

No more posts.