10 bucks, tops.

Last year I fell hard for a piece of art. I mulled it over for about 6 months because this would be my first purchase of ‘real’ art from an art gallery. 

$10P-8I finally gave in and bought it. When I showed it to my good friend Mia this was her reply. I called bullshit.


Last weekend we finally got to see what she was capable of.

$10P-3 $10P-4 $10P-5 $10P-6

I have to saw I am seriously impressed. Given better supplies she might have been on to something.


Thank you, Neil Harrison. I really love the pink square.

Medicine Man for July 26


I love shirts with awesome sayings. If I am going to be a billboard then it is going to be my own slogan.

Make your own: Screen printing kit, wax paper, cutting board and an X-acto knife is all you need. My only recommendation is to cut lightly as pressing hard will tear the wax paper all you need is a little pressure.

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