Day of Thanks for May 12


I am thankful that my family is full of people who look at things from a different angle. My sisters found this covered in grey paint and after a little work and a few beer this is what they have. I love it!

I’m so glad she found me for May 3

Bonjour Madame

April showers bring May flowers. This one is called “Bonjour Madame.” He lives on the French countryside and brightens your day by delivery flowers to your door. I love him.

I’m so glad she found me for April 12


alien matchmaker

I found this one yesterday while riding my bike to Value Village. I was listening to “Took Me By Surprise” by Jill Barber and thinking about someone I like. Based on what was occurring the moment I biked by it, this one is called Alien Matchmaker.

I’m so glad she found me for March 29

hand-pause pls

Once people have made it thru the characters with googlie eyes they are going to be asked to pause before entering the next room as the next room all of the characters in there don’t have any thing added to make you see who they are.

solider character man characterThis one is called The Man Behind the Mask.

First photo is the solider. Second photo is the man.

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