Day of Thanks for October 13


Leo Jul 23 | Aug 22: American author Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849) was ahead of his time. He created the genre of the detective story and mastered the art of gothic horror tales. According to the Internet Movie Database, 240 films have referenced themes from his work. British writer Aldous Huxley wasn’t a fan of Poe, though. He said Poe was “too poetical – the equivalent of wearing a diamond ring on every finger.” Judging from the astrological omens, I suspect you may be at risk of lapsing into a diamond-ring-on-every-finger phase yourself, Leo. While I am all in favour of your unveiling more of your radiant beauty, I’m hoping you won’t go too far. How about wearing diamond rings on just four of your fingers?


I was just about to compose a post for FaceBook to explain how I just tied my blog to FaceBook and how I am now going to use FB to get me to the final platform, my own website. I was also going to do a post a day and walk them through the whole thinking process because that is what I did my first year here. Then I realized it was a bit much. The amount you say and the size of the crowd you are speaking to is an inverse relationship. Less is more. Simple. This is why right wing politician rein supreme in the strangest way. Parallel universe is going on. I am slowly stepping into their world but with my words.

No more posts.