Hump Day for July 3

criminal mind SHOh Harper. You hypocritical fellow you. Another scandal, another display of poor politics. When did politics go from being about discussion on solutions with a variety of angles looked at thru different belief systems to a name calling, bullying and abuse of power?

This is not what real leaders do.

And I am wondering who is the one in over their head…

Hump Day for June 26

harper june 26I lived in a building where they installed security cameras for our safety. It turned out that they were monitoring us more than anyone else. I am not a big fan of cameras but I don’t mind being watched if its by the right audience.

First we had to stop Harper’s online spying bill (c-30) and now Open Media is working on our behalf to deal with the Communications Security Establishment Canada.

Why are we being watched? What is wrong with speaking out and speaking up? And really what constitutes a spy now adays … whistle blowers or over zealous governments?

In the world of online life should our Government not be protecting us from foreign policies? 

No one likes a neighbour that peers over the fence and thru the curtains. It is creepy in the movies and its unnerving in real life.

Lucky for us we have some Pirates on our Side!

Hump Day for June 12


I was just at a good friend’s house for dinner. She has two children so we were discussing how to raise them, I have none but am the product of amazing parents so I tell her those stories.  We came to the conclusion that once you set up a punishment you have to follow thru. So why is it that the Right leaning governments are so incredibly hard on any mistakes made by their counterparts yet when it comes to themselves there is a completely different rule book. As a child I never respected hypocritical adults and as an adult I find them deplorable.

How the right bulldozes the left.

Hump Day for June 5

harper jun 5

Right now I am politically exhausted. Gravy train wrecks and “fiscally conservative” conservatives are killing me.

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Hump Day Wednesdays


Wednesdays are Hump Days. The term “Hump Day” I think makes people grin a little. I would never use the word hump to describe my sex life but if I had to I would say something like …. “I love humping girls!” This would make me a queer. A word I don’t really identify with but is the new word for politically minded gay folk (See Wikipedia).  So each Wednesday I am going to bring you some Queer Politics. When you look up Queer in the Merriam-Webster online dictionary you will find the following; and to me there is no one more queer than Stephen Harper. So now that you are grinning (or so I hope) cause we are saying the words hump, queer and Harper in one paragraph I am going to hit you with something serious. The state of our country. Please read and spread the news.

We will start off with a website I admire and am thankful for


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