May 2-4

I grew up in Manitoba and a couple hours North of my hometown is Riding Mountain National Park. A few friends have cabins up there and May Long weekend is the time open them up and mark the beginning of summer!

I spent May Long weekend opening up my tent and my land to sunshine and stars!


The tent stood the test of winter!


I cut down trees

jbi-maylong17Jeremy cut down bigger trees.


Mia worked the axe.


A decent wood pile is forming.


A bridge out to the car park is almost done.


Fence posts for the HillyBilly Hot Tub area have all been cut.


Looking really good after only 2 days up there!


Thanks, yet again, to some amazing help from some awesome friends!!

Summer is coming and Camp Just Broken In is getting ready for the season…

Reaching out

floorplan-taperemovalThe layout is done and the tape has come off the floor. Next step, creating the blueprint to build off of.

From the beginning of this process I have never wanted to be the Building Foreman but I had to be the Architect! I love organizing space and making it work for me so this part of the journey had to be mine and mine alone. Originally I had a friend on board who was going to take over the construction side of things once I had the floor plan in place but life happened and that has changed. Thankfully there are hundreds of Tiny Home people out there so now I am on the search for my BluePrint person!

I have emailed these two guys …. so here’s hoping

Tiny Home Customs

Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses


Just Broken In – The Power of Trees

When I first walked on my land I could not imagine cutting one tree down, everything was just perfect. Then I experienced black flies, lack of sunlight, missing stars and too damp of air. Now, I can’t wait to get in there and cut out a space to stretch my legs in.

Two times I helped take down a tree.

The first one was the window maker and we had intense tools. jbi-widow3 jbi-widow5 jbi-widow4

jbi-widow6The second one was a random tree too close to the deck that we decided to pull down.

jbi-roof15 jbi-roof17 jbi-roof18 jbi-roof19 jbi-roof21

Both times, amazing .

Just Broken In – My Chainsaw!

It is funny that this post fell on Boxing Day.

In the process of moving my life from Toronto to Mother Nature, I am attempting to barter/sell/trade my ‘Urban’ things for ‘Prairie’ things. My best trade yet is a bike for a chainsaw. I bought the bike 12 years ago from a friend and rode it year round, to Montreal, everywhere. I am a great Urban Sherpa and it was my horse. I have a feeling that I am about to develop the same relationship/love affair with my chainsaw.

The bike sold for 350.00. I bought a chainsaw, some chaps and the protective hard hat for 349.26.

JBI-T&M13 A helping hand is necessary. Tree cutting is best as a two person job.


I am pretty good at cutting up a tree once it has been cut down but I am really now aware of the skill it takes to bring down a tree. A clean cut that does not fall into the other trees is an art form.  That photo is not art.


Getting comfortable making 12 inch logs.


This time next year I would like to be really good at cutting down trees.


Just Broken In – Hilly Billy Hot Tub

In 2002 I stayed in a cabin in Northern Ontario that a couple had built from the ground up out of reclaimed wood and furniture. Outside, at the end of their deck, propped up against some Canadian shield, was an old claw foot tub. They lined it with wood,  dug a firepit out underneath it, filled it with well water and.. Presto! Best Hot Tub Ever. I was instantly in love and inspired. I quietly added this to my bucket list – in my lifetime I want to own land and have my own hillbilly hot tub!

My tub was donated by a good friend of mine. It is not finished but next July I will be soaking and gazing up at the stars.


Neighbour Dave and Laura coming to help with their tractor.jbi-tub3

Because they like to humour me.


I love this photo. The looks on our faces is about right.


Safely transported to the tent area.


Its final resting place.


Aaahhh, thank you!


Consensus is in, it is brilliant.JBI-T&M21

Its is going to be magical when done.

Hump Day for June 4

TIGGER!I have been spending this day concentrating on learning about Harper but at this point I think I have had enough. I am going to start paying attention to other politicians so instead of being able to tell you what I don’t like about leadership in my country I will be able to tell you what I love and am inspired by in the leaders in my country.

Today is about to get hopeful and refined, thank you very much.


No more posts.