Medicine Man for Aug 16

dad swing

I love this photo. My father told me “Never apologize for being born in the land of milk and honey.” That said, he has volunteered in his community his whole life, believes in equal rights and equal opportunity for all, is curious about other cultures and loves his two gay children. Maybe, when you look around at the world right now you feel incredibly blessed about your lot in life . Maybe, you are wondering how to make a difference. Lord knows I am.

Sign up online for news letters from organizations that are out there working on our behalf for a  better place. Then read it, share it, tweet it.  Maybe most importantly start thinking about how you spend your money. Yesterday I posted a link to what Nestle is doing with water in BC (and Ontario). Here is their Chairman and former CEO’s thoughts on water. Today I bid farewell to my childhood candy bars. Nestle gets no more of my money!

Sign Here – SumofUS

Treat me Right for August 15

bruce beach

Water. Blue Gold.  This is what is going on in Canada right now.

British Columbia – Nestle our neighbour

Alberta – Cold Lake Bitumen Leak

Saskatchewan – Yah Poop! (some good news)

Manitoba – Water Wednesday (some good activism)

Ontario – Great Lakes and Cottage Country and  Toronto’s role in their pollution

Quebec – Lac-Megantic water cleanup

New Brunswick – What is up with oil pipelines across our Country?!?

Nova Scotia – Blue Sharks! Just like our Blue Nose

Newfoundland/Labrador – Impressive water usage for sure!

P.E.I. – I love Malpeque Oysters! Lets conserve a little people.

Yukon – Clean drinking water is essential to the health of all Canadians. True dat.

Northwest Territories – Lets hope you’re right!

Nunavut – Wow. Thats a crazy way to encourage investments. Trading water for money.

And as always, what is going on in our mother nature

First the water became unprotected.

Second the land is being sold off.


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