Treat me right for January 16


Today in support of the fight against Harper and his lack of respect for our Treaties with I am emailing prominent Canadian musicians and asking why they are staying silent. Sarah McLachlan, Bryan Adams,  kd lang, Chantal Kreviazuk, Sarah Harmer received the email below so we will see if there are any replies.

Hi There

I am writing prominent Canadians singers to ask why they are staying silent and not coming out in support of Neil Young and his Honour the Treaties tour.
In the past you have used your position to speak out on issues that concern you and I am surprised that you have remained silent on this one. I might be wrong so please feel free to  send me the links of what you have said.

Thanks in advance

ps- not one Liberal Premier got back to me.

Treat me Right for September 12

native eagle graffiti Neil Young vs/ Stephen Harper

My simple question; with all of our land and the bullk of it being unused why are we not laying down solar panels and erecting windmills? We have the space, we have that energy source. Hell I will even keep paying the 1% their 99% of the monies, I simply request a clean energy source. That’s all. Not some Hippie Utopia where we are all equal just a world that is not poisoning itself.

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