Hearing the Gospel for October 13

sidewalk mm

I came across this guy a few days after the Idle Installation in the park. I think he is from a long time ago and another way of being. Or so I like to think. When looking for signs to make sense of things you can also just make them up.

Medicine Man for September 20

couch art

I wanted to get some new art for above my couch. I looked at a lot of very beautiful art and came to the conclusion that a bigger piece of art will cost a bigger amount of money. Fair enough. Then I got lucky. I bought an old drawer that was roughed up and covered in paint because really whose to say that’s not abstract art. The other fellow I found tucked into a corner of an antique shop north of Toronto. Total cost $85.00

Hearing the Gospel for September 15


And this is how one finds the pieces for Googlie Eye art. They can be very obvious on occasion.                                                                                            

Hearing the Gospel for August 25

street art?A sad man with a long nose and a droopy eye with a puff of smoke or ying and yang characters next to him with hopeful blue mountains to the other side? Or an old piece of wood up against a fence with random paint and lots of cut marks…. Sunday wanders are the best!

Hearing the Gospel for August 18

st pacman

I loved the classic PacMan the most. Ms. PacMan was interesting. Nice bow, seriously, she had to be sexualized? Super PacMan was taking me to the next level of games that I had no interest in. Sweet, simple, a few steps above Pong, PacMan.

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