Medicine Man for May 31

toe finger

They say that the length of your foot is the distance between your wrist and your elbow as well as some other interesting body facts.

But did you know that your thumb and your big toe look shockingly alike? This is true for me and it is true for Murray Hemingway (these are her digits). Try it.

Happy Friday and Happy Birthday to my sister!

Medicine Man for May 24

lime testI quit wearing deodorant 8 years ago and decided that I was going to monitor my scent in an animalistic pheromone sort of way.  That method is also known as rolling the dice.

My friends are amazing and at least one or two will play along with each of my ideas. So the link for lime as D.O. came from a friend and another friend conducted the field research with me. On the evening of May 13th I had a shower and used normal hotel provided soap. The next morning I woke up and sprayed lime juice 4 times under each armpit. I then wait 15 minutes and sprayed each one 3 more times for luck and put on my hiking gear. I headed to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and started walking down Bright Angel Trail. 14kms later we arrived at the lodge. My armpits were smelted at the beginning …”a little bit of lime,” smelt again 1/2 way down … “neutral,” and then at the lodge …”neutral with really nothing.” 14kms of hiking and no scent.

Brilliant but was it fluke?

I decided not to shower that night and instead sprayed a few shots of lime under the pits. Next morning I put on the same clothes as the day before and walked out 21kms smelling good or as good as Amber and I could tell. I will be 100% honest in all my field methods, I failed to get two women in the lodge to smell my shirt let alone my armpit. I again failed at the North Rim even thou I knew one of those people. Smelling your pits is a hard sell but a necessary one ladies. I encourage you to give this a shot.

Ingredients – small spray bottle (not clear for sun protection), 1 lime

Medicine Man Fridays


Every Friday we are going to post the results from our ongoing experiments. It is going to be like the magical day of making your own volcano in grade school.

This is an earlier post. I am wrapping up another lime influenced experiment this week. Stay tuned next week for more about the power of the lime.

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