Medicine Man for November 1

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I like keeping my keys in the same place as soon as I walk in the door. I misplace them very easily. I made these so you could always know where your keys are and have something nice to look at. If you are living in Toronto and would like to keep a level head about where your keys are at at all times (hardy har har) drop me a line and you can take one home with you.

Medicine Man for August 9





So a friend of mine just did the unthinkable. She cleaned my floors! I have great friends. My new place is amazing but needed work. The kitchen floor was the last thing to be done because it is not hard to find something else you would rather do for 5 hours on the weekend.

Grout Cleaner – add all the below ingredients to either a spray bottle or bucket. Poor a little on the floor and scrub until it foams. Let the foam sit there for 2-5 minutes then scrub again and rinse. Repeat until desire shine is there.

7 cups of water

1/2 cup of baking soda

1/3 cup of lemon juice

1/4 cup of vinegar

Medicine Man for Aug 2




teeth 3

These are my teeth. I cannot tell via the photos nor really in real life. But I dig the taste now and am drinking it each day. If you are looking for white teeth thou I found that hydrogen peroxide once a week for about 5 seconds was a better whitening agent. Please keep in mind I am not a professional, your teeth are your teeth.

Medicine Man for July 19

bpair1 bpair2

I have been making my own water based air fresheners for a while but they are best when kept in the fridge. One colored bottle, water and essentials oils. Just keep adding and mixing til you love the smell. I have decided to expand on my fresheners so I can have one for my guests. The new one is in the bathroom. 

Medicine Man for July 12

mmjuly 12 IMG_0204 IMG_0200

I saw beautiful art in a shop where someone took old dishes from Value Village type shops and glued them into these lovely stacks of glass. I went to an auction and bought 5 old light covers for $15.00. One of them I am going to use in my kitchen and the other four became these beauties. Fruit bowl, feather bowl, pretty thing bowl or oh my god where did you get that bowl bowl. Who knows? I also don’t know who is reading along and why, so if you are reading along and live in Toronto and fancy one of these, then please send me a message and a bowl is yours!


Update: the top one is gone. Thanks Lama!

Medicine Man for June 14


I love where I live and have decided that if I want to keep loving it I have to be involved in making sure it is loveable. So I adopted a tree. Its easy, there is really no paper work. I just said “Hey tree, you’re mine!” I gave it an area that looks too lovely to pile garbage up in or park your bike and when mother nature is not dumping water on us, I give my tree a drink. I encourage you to look around your neighbourhood and adopt a tree too. In a city that seems to be running out of money and resources to move it forward in a good green evolved way, I am taking matters into my own hands. For my neighbours, for the kids and definitely for myself because I grew up in a province where in the 1950s women chained themselves around a tree to save it. Sometimes roads don’t need to be straight and sometimes we need to move around in our environment instead of thru it.

Toronto Guerrilla Gardeners  or Toronto Public Space Committee or just search Guerrilla Gardening Toronto

One Amazing Man in L.A.

before after

Medicine Man for June 7


Pearly whites are the must have accessory! I have tried a number of different remedies cause for whatever reason at the age of 31 I decided to start drinking coffee. This was not the best choice for my pearly whites so now 7 years later I am attempting to get back the virgin teeth I had up until then. Tried the strips in the stores but felt like the enamel was being pulled off my teeth and if you cannot swallow something should you really be putting it in your mouth. So for the next 4 weeks this is what we are going to do.

Apple Cider teeth!

There will be a before and after shot posted on July 5th but until then I like this guy.        Mr. I Shake my Fist at Stained Teeth!

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