Measure twice

Cut once. I suck at following this very simple and very important rule.

Tonight two of my friends are getting married so Mia and I decided to make home made wedding cards.


Measure twice, cut once. Missed that part of the plan yet again. d&j-1

Good thing I am quick on my feet.


Day of Thanks for October 27

LOTTERY Leo Jul 23 | Aug 22: What are those new whisperings in your head? Are they messages from your inner teacher? Beacons beamed back through time from the Future You? Clues from the wise parts of your unconscious mind? Whatever they are, Leo, pay attention. These signals from the Great Beyond may not be clear yet, but if you are sufficiently patient, they will eventually tell you how to take advantage of a big plot twist. But here’s a caveat: Don’t automatically believe every single thing the whisperings tell you. Their counsel may not be 100-percent accurate. Be both receptive and discerning toward them.


When you decide to pack up your life and head out into the great unknown there is a constant stream of thoughts in your head. It is really interesting how quickly doubt can set in and it is heart warming to know that a random compliment from someone you really respect can pull your courage back out of you. Just to be on the safe side I think I will still pick up the occasional lotto ticket. Appears I already own one of the dreams so why not see if they will give me another one.


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