Trudeau and I both love to Canoe. Great.

This topic is making the news as of late. Even got a rant from Rick Mercer. 

And now this Harper left over is on the table, the TPP. I am very curious to see what PM Trudeau is going to do.

This is what I am hoping he will do.


Dear PM Justin Trudeau

This past election Canada had the highest voter turnout since 1993.

In part, I believe that happened because of you.  You are all the things they say you are; charming, relatable, likeable, dedicated, honest, helpful, real …. some might say AKA Canadian. Thank you for stepping up to be the new face of Canada.

The other part, and I believe it was the larger driving force, is our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual exhaustion. This is not an easy world to live in, and not because the world is confusing, information is everywhere, you can find the answer, but because it is perplexing. Perplexing is defined as “completely baffling; very puzzling.” If you look up baffling, you’ll see “impossible to understand; perplexing.” We are living in a world that is impossible to understand.

We have identified the problems but we are not solving them.

The 1% still exist.  IDed as the root cause of most of our issues, too much in the hands of too few. Today online at there were two titles right next to each other. “Liberal Cabinet Meets Amid Gloomy Economic News” and  “62 Richest People Now Hold as Much Wealth As The Poores 3.5 Billion.”  I can see the solution, can you?

Canada is selling military goods to Saudi Arabia. Making vehicles for war instead of vehicles for Green Transportation. No sunny days for the Middle East and no sunny skies for the GTA as we continue our DVParkway crawl.  People in factories can have jobs building anything. Why are we choosing to continue to build this way? I hoped you would be the one to start the saying ‘No More.”

I always say, I would only get into politics if I could be a dictator, a benevolent dictator, but a dictator nonetheless. I am so frustrated that the left leaning parties never produce any dictators. Always the fanatical, far right parties. Why? Why not be a benevolent dictator , you just won a majority government! (Ask Harper how much fun one of those can be ….. you can really make a lot of change in a little time).

Please start saying No. We are.

I could go on and on here but I feel that a quote from the “Meet Justin Trudeau” page off the the Liberal Party’s website sums it up perfectly.

“We are dreamers, innovators, builders. We know that in Canada, better is always possible. And we deserve a government that knows that too.”

These words fall over our PM Justin Trudeau as he canoes away into some beautiful Canadian Wilderness.

The gestures have been lovely so far but now I want real action.
Thank you
Tanya Bruce


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