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New Brunswick MP John Williamson from the Conservative caucus made comments about “whities” and “brown people” in the temporary foreign worker program.  Interesting language that is racist or simply incredibly inappropriate from one of our MPs

Conservative Ontario MP Larry Miller said the following on the wearing of the niqab during the citizenship oath …. “If you’re not willing to show your face in the ceremony that you’re joining the best country in the world, then frankly . . . if you don’t like that or don’t want to do that, then stay the hell where you came from,” He then went on to speak on behalf of us … ““I think most Canadians feel the same. That’s maybe saying it a little harshly, but it’s the way I feel.”

These two men hold positions of power in our country. Harper has remained silent and they still have jobs.

Justin Trudeau just  suspended two members of the Liberal Party caucus pending the outcome of an investigation of sexual harassment.

I ask you who would you rather have as our PM.

Unless you are awaiting the coming of the second messiah I would recommend voting strategically this coming year as the language that is being used in our country as of late is not language I recognize as Canadian.

In June 2014, a 24 year old man named Justin Bourque from Moncton, shot 5 RCMP officers. It was the deadliest attack on the RCMP since 2005. He is a white male who was potentially suffering from depression.

Stephen Harper did nothing to change the way we protect ourselves.

4 months later in October, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau shot and killed a Canadian solider and then stormed Parliament and was killed.  Michael was 32 years old, a drug user with known mental health issues. He claimed to support jihadists and others in the Middle East resisting the West’s intervention, but was not known to the police to be a terrorism risk.

Today I have Bill C-51 and a serious threat against Canada by ISIS?!?!

I wonder if Michael had been another Justin, another white male with mental health issues, if we would have the scapegoat that was needed to start this dangerous conversation of them and us.

I really want my beautiful mosaic of a country back.

Hump Day for February 26

liberal convention

I have to admit it was pretty amazing to hear him say the things he said. It was good for my heart to be in a room full of intelligent, engaged, sound minded, hopeful Canadians who are trying to make things better for all of us

Trudeau’s Speech.

Hump Day for November 20

moneyWednesdays I have been researching Steven Harper to try to show the hypocrisy of his government. I have been doing this since May and over the last 6 months feel like I know enough about him to create a strong argument as to why he should not be our PM. Recently I joined the Liberal Party because I love my neighbour and he got me thinking that this would be a good idea. Like all new ideas there are highs and lows involved. I went to some of my friends thinking they would be on board with my new found interest. Turns out the bulk of them are NDP. Interesting. So now I am going to show what Harper is doing and what the Liberals have done in similar situations when they were in control. I think most of what my friends love and identify with as the Canadian Way of Life was created by the Liberals and not the NDP nor the Conservatives.

Hump Day for August 28

bathroom graffiti

Hey Harper …   It appears that being honest and human scores points with Canadians. Good luck on emulating Trudeau’s behaviour.  Maybe you can come up with something between now and October when you make your way back to Parliament.

PS – Regardless of who is supporting what, you have to ask: Why is Harper changing who can produce medical marijuana? By looking at these numbers it appears that once again under Harper policy the rich can get richer.  4200 small independent businesses down to 56 larger owned companies. Shrinking middle class.

Hump Day for July 3

criminal mind SHOh Harper. You hypocritical fellow you. Another scandal, another display of poor politics. When did politics go from being about discussion on solutions with a variety of angles looked at thru different belief systems to a name calling, bullying and abuse of power?

This is not what real leaders do.

And I am wondering who is the one in over their head…

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