I’m so glad she found me for May 31

There won’t be anymore Saturday posts introducing new characters. That said since I have decided that the show was completed I have found and made about another 7 characters. I took this photo in an alley way and then found a piece that I made into one bad ass graffiti boy.

2014 backalley heartWhen the show has been finalized I will post the information here for anyone reading along in Toronto. The fact that I am this close to having my own art show makes my heart full.

Moving forward the weekends are now going to be spent heading up North to start creating my Glamping Camp Site! Next Saturday will be the first post showing what is going on with this part of my life. Stay tuned!!

I’m so glad she found me for May 3

Bonjour Madame

April showers bring May flowers. This one is called “Bonjour Madame.” He lives on the French countryside and brightens your day by delivery flowers to your door. I love him.

I’m so glad she found me for January 11


Last night I figured out what the show is going to look like. Originally my end goal was to have 40 pieces to exhibit. After fall/spring/new year cleaning my apartment I finally made sense of all the pieces. It turns out I have 52 pieces. Mathematically perfect so this is the stopping point. 1 new guest a week. So it looks like I owe you Dec 7,14,21,28. They will be coming.

This one is titled Friends. It is the same as the other friends but without any eyes. Everything is much easier to see from the other perspective now.

Day of Thanks for January 6

robot shovellerA very slow walk, making up stories as I go.  In the future you will wear this suit so you can lean back against the fence and cozy into your beer while you catch your breath from shoveling.

No more posts.