Medicine Man for October 4


Today is the soft launch of what I really wanted this place to become.

It’s a new urban think tank that is going to create environmentally sound ideas with an artistic bend to help make a better spaces for all of us. Non-humans included.

Welcome to my first art installation.



I am guerrilla-art crashing Nuit Blanche because October 7th is the Idle no More Movement’s day of action. I have always wanted to crash this party cause tonight Torontians are alive and curious and open to conversation and I love to chat with strangers. Up until now I have never had the courage to do so but now I feel like staying quiet is more dangerous than speaking up.

If you want to know what my title means, Click here.

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Treat me Right for September 12

native eagle graffiti Neil Young vs/ Stephen Harper

My simple question; with all of our land and the bullk of it being unused why are we not laying down solar panels and erecting windmills? We have the space, we have that energy source. Hell I will even keep paying the 1% their 99% of the monies, I simply request a clean energy source. That’s all. Not some Hippie Utopia where we are all equal just a world that is not poisoning itself.

Treat me Right for August 8

b&c walking in woods

This one is about Harper too. Cause really all of our environmental degradation can be traced back to Stephen Harper. Protecting our mother nature should be as easy as going for a walk in it no? For the guy who loves small governments funny he keeps making ours bigger…..

Changes to our ability to voice our concerns. 

Not happy about that …. Sign here!

And as always, what is going on in our mother nature

First the water became unprotected.

Second the land is being sold off.

Treat me Right for August 1

inm postbox

My mom made me a pair of Moccasins when I was about 10 years old. We went down to the Native Art shop and bought the leather, fur and the beaded top which I just learned is called the vamp or uppers. I loved them and wished they were never outgrown. A group of woman are making part of the Moccasin for a very different reason. Walking with our Sisters is an amazing art installation. 

And as always, what is going on in our mother nature

First the water became unprotected.

Second the land is being sold off.

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