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Young Indigenous Leaders – 5 Under 30 to Watch in 2015.

My sisters sent me this article and photo. They live in Winnipeg.

Growing up in Manitoba, the inequality between the First Nation Community and those of us who came after, was always evident. In the last 2 years I have seen a huge shift in how we are viewing our First Nations neighbours and more importantly how they are presenting themselves in media. I love seeing the conversation changing and become what I hope is a move to more balanced and respectful dialogue. We live on the land of really brilliant people.


Every Canadian Counts

The value a society places on each of its members is a reflection of the intelligence of that society.

I was out with a coworker yesterday and the topic of Aboriginal women came up. I told her that they did not receive the right to vote in Canada until 1960. She did not believe me but she should have because unfortunately, I am correct.

GETHOMESAFELately our Aboriginal woman have been front and centre in the media and I wish it was for something better than the sad reality that they are more likely to be harmed than any other group of woman in Canada. The story of Rinelle Harper is heartbreaking and wonderful in the same moment.

Today is the 2 year anniversary of the Idle No More Movement, a grassroots female lead initiative to move Aboriginal rights forward and take a stance against Stephen Harper.

INM4I am a huge fan of indigenous cultures, in Canada and around the world. I am a huge fan of human rights. I am very embarrassed that this is my what is going on in my country.


Just Broken In – The beginning

jbi-3The hardest thing was getting the courage to start attempting to follow my dream. Last year I turned 38 and decided that I either had to start looking for land or stop talking about looking for land. I started in August and was the owner of 23 acres at the end of November.

There were so many magical moments in the process that I believe there is no where else in the world that I am supposed to be.

I put in my offer on Oct 4, 2013. I went in $18,500.00 under the list price.

On Oct 5, 2013 I crashed Nuit Blanche with my first guerrilla art experiment. I wanted to talk to Canadians about the Idle No More movement and Stephen Harper’s horrible environmental policies.

On Oct 8, 2013 they came back and accepted my offer. I think it was a karmic thank you for taking a vocal and public stand on what is happening to Canada under Harper.

The woman I bought the land from was 92 years old and wrapping up all of her business. She was also married to James Cooper. I don’t think it is a fluke that the North and West border of my land is a public access trail that he donated.

I am going to build on what he started.





Treat me right for January 30

taking it back

Sport team names. I don’t know why we are even fighting over this point. If it offends the group it was named after than I am guessing the group did not give permission to have their culture used. If they did not give their permission then there likely was not a conversation between the two parties and if you are not in the mood to talk to the people you are named after than why in the world would you want to be named after them?

Great point of view from DJ NDN from the group a Tribe called Red.  Do you think we’ve actually hit that turning point? This answer woke me up to something I knew but did really understand.

I am happy to see what is occurring now that the barriers to education, society, health care etc are being broken down.

Proud to be

Treat me right for November 7

TREATY RESPECTI took this photo a few years ago at a Luminato event in Queen’s Park. I love the art in Toronto. Last month I set up my own “installation” in Trinity Bellwood Park on Nuit Blanche to talk to Canadians about the Idle No More Movement and changes to our Environmental Policies. Last Sunday I went for a beautiful fall walk thru Parkdale, Queen West and Kensington. It appears that there is a lot of Idle No More installations in these neighbourhoods. One might also call it graffiti. I am going to attempt each month to do something to help keep this in people’s minds. If you are so inclined scroll thru my Wednesday (Harper) and Thursday (First Nations and our Environment) posts to see what changes are happening to Canada. If you want to have a great source of updates become Facebook friends with
Idle No More and Desmog Canada. If you ever feel romantic about the ’60s and what was accomplished, get excited you are living in the same moment. This will be a time in our history when future generations will ask you “Where were you when all of that was happening?”


Treat me right for October 10th

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Saturday night at Nuit Blanche was great. I learnt not only about how to make a better “art installation” but more about the Idle No More movement and our First Nation’s history. My good friend Chris has his own blog and wrote about the night. This post was picked up by #IdleNoMore daily. A great site to keep you informed!

Medicine Man for October 4


Today is the soft launch of what I really wanted this place to become.

It’s a new urban think tank that is going to create environmentally sound ideas with an artistic bend to help make a better spaces for all of us. Non-humans included.

Welcome to my first art installation.



I am guerrilla-art crashing Nuit Blanche because October 7th is the Idle no More Movement’s day of action. I have always wanted to crash this party cause tonight Torontians are alive and curious and open to conversation and I love to chat with strangers. Up until now I have never had the courage to do so but now I feel like staying quiet is more dangerous than speaking up.

If you want to know what my title means, Click here.

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