Day of Thanks for November 17

me and my tentLeo Jul 23 | Aug 22: For much of its history, the United States claimed ownership of the ocean within three miles of its coasts. That changed in 1988, when the federal government declared that hereafter it would have sovereignty over the ocean as far as 12 miles from land. With that action, American territory increased dramatically. I invite you to consider a comparable expansion in the coming months, Leo. Seize more space. Seek further privileges. Ask for a bigger piece of everything.

On Friday I asked a larger number of people for help and it was amazing what came of that. A lot of people can give a little and 1 other person will be better off. That one person who is about to be better off is not me but a really good friend of mine.

On Saturday I was given the chance to buy into a 3000 square foot home in Toronto. At the end of this year I will own a condo and home in Toronto plus 23 acres of land up North.

When I moved to Toronto 14 years ago, I could not afford rent and was taken in for 6 months by a pretty amazing couple. My formula for success; handwork (no work is above you), live small and within your means, pay attention, give back and always budget a little bit each month for a random adventure (that is really why we are alive). Patience and persistence and when the moment is right….. Seize more space. Seek further privileges. Ask for a bigger piece of everything. And take as many people up with you as possible.

Day of Thanks for August 25


fullThe artist Amedeo Modigliani lived in Paris from 1906 until his death in 1920. For most of that time, he was destitute. Proprietors of local stores and restaurants sometimes accepted his art work as payment in lieu of actual money. They didn’t necessarily appreciate it, though. One food seller used Modigliani’s drawings as wraps for the fried potatoes he sold. Another stashed the artist’s paintings in his cellar, where they turned into feasts for rodents. Too bad for these short-sighted people and their heirs: The worth of Modigliani’s works eventually increased, and some sold for millions of dollars. In the weeks ahead, Leo, don’t be like those food sellers. Know the value of what you have, even if it’s still latent.


I would like to tell you a story about the wonderful, fantastical world ruled by a benevolent dictator.

Day of Thanks For August 18 – The week of August 14

leobday5When we are launching any big project, our minds hide from us the full truth about how difficult it will be. If we knew beforehand all of the tests we would eventually face, we might never attempt it. Economist Albert O. Hirschman called this the principle of the “hiding hand.” It frees us to dive innocently into challenging work that will probably take longer than we thought and compel us to access new resources and creativity. To be clear: What’s hidden from us are not only the obstacles but also the unexpected assistance we will get along the way.

The day before this came out was the day that I had calculated that I actually can pack up my life in Toronto and go live in the bush, so to speak. The hiding hand and I meet often and every time I am surrounded by helping hands so it never really seems that scary to try something new.

Day of Thanks For August 18 – The week of August 7

jbi-bday29Every 12 years, the planet Jupiter spends about a year cruising through the sign of Leo. It’s there with you now and will be with you through early August 2015. What can you expect? EXPANSION! That’s great, right? Yes and no. You might love to have some parts of your life expand; others not so much. So I suggest you write down your intentions. Say something like this: “I want Jupiter to help me expand my faith in myself, my power to do what I love and my ability to draw on the resources and allies I need. Meanwhile, I will prune my desires for things I don’t really need and cut back on my involvement with things that don’t inspire me. I don’t want those to expand.”

I want Jupiter to help me complete the list of projects that I am compiling to start my company, UrbanPrairie and ditto to the rest of what is written there.

This photo is the first big project I have under taken up on my land. It is called “Just Broken In – Come Glamp with Me!” It will be completed by Thanksgiving weekend. More to follow on that one (it gets its own category).

Day of Thanks For August 18 – The week of July 31

WofJuly31The Earth has been around for almost 4.6 billion years. But according to scientists who study the fossil records, fire didn’t make its first appearance on our planet until 470 million years ago. Only then were there enough land-based plants and oxygen to allow the possibility of fires arising naturally. Do the math and you will see that for 90 percent of the Earth’s history, fire was absent. In evolutionary terms, it’s a newcomer. As I study your astrological omens for the next 10 months, I foresee the arrival of an almost equally monumental addition to your life, Leo. You can’t imagine what it is yet, but by this time next year you won’t fathom how you could have lived without it for so long.

That was my horoscope the day after I parted ways with a lover. So my achy little heart did a cheer at the idea of that kind of love on the horizon. As I sit here and type this two weeks later I realize that I just figured out how to quit my life in 10 months from now. What is going to happen after that day is without a doubt a “monumental addition” to my life.


Hearing the Gospel for December 29

aokLast year’s New Year horoscope ended with …Be Extravagant and uninhibited in expressing your love for the influences that inspire you – even at the risk of being a bit unruly or messy.

This year’s New Year horoscope….. “In the coming months, I’m betting that you will exit a confined place or shed cramped expectations or break off your commitment to a compromise that has drained you. It may happen suddenly or it could take a while to complete. How the escape unfolds will have to do with how thoroughly you extract the lessons that your “incarceration” has made available. Here’s a ritual that might also expedite the process: give a gift to the people you’re leaving behind, or offer a blessing in the spot where your difficult teachings have taken place.”

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