I like Spring

beaches heart womanI cannot wait for light, airy summer nights in Toronto. The romance of fall and the cashmere feel of winter have worn off.

I like spring, it reattaches me to my heart.

Day of Thanks for December 15


Leo Jul 23 | Aug 22: The Arctic Monkeys are British rockers who have produced five studio albums, which together have sold almost five million copies. Rolling Stone magazine called their first album, released in 2006, the 30th greatest debut of all time. Yet when they first formed in 2002, none of them could play a musical instrument. I see the current era of your life, Leo, as having a similar potential. How might you start from scratch to create something great?

Oh Rob. You just keep making me smile from ear to ear. The more I research design, the more I am becoming convinced that the Ginger Shack is going to be stunning.


Hump Day for June 4

TIGGER!I have been spending this day concentrating on learning about Harper but at this point I think I have had enough. I am going to start paying attention to other politicians so instead of being able to tell you what I don’t like about leadership in my country I will be able to tell you what I love and am inspired by in the leaders in my country.

Today is about to get hopeful and refined, thank you very much.


Hump Day for February 26

liberal convention

I have to admit it was pretty amazing to hear him say the things he said. It was good for my heart to be in a room full of intelligent, engaged, sound minded, hopeful Canadians who are trying to make things better for all of us

Trudeau’s Speech.

Hearing the Gospel for December 29

peace feather

This is a peace feather.

Its from a cyclist to a driver. A gay to a straight. A woman to a man. A hippie to the corporations. A hopeful me to a hopeful you.

I wish you all the best in the coming year.

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