Things for the Ginger Shack

things for GSMy dad was just in town for a visit. We started to talk about the actual building of the Ginger Shack. I realized that the only thing I had planned lately was my salt and pepper shakers. I have been stuck in the design/decorating part of this project. No surprise as that is my comfort zone/knowledge base. I have made a promise to myself that 2 times a month (or more if needed) I will be in a Home Depot, Home building, Fireplace type store.

My dad will be back in town for the first two weeks of August to help me build it. Meet the first of my family I have recruited. 3 more to go.


Day of Thanks for November 17

me and my tentLeo Jul 23 | Aug 22: For much of its history, the United States claimed ownership of the ocean within three miles of its coasts. That changed in 1988, when the federal government declared that hereafter it would have sovereignty over the ocean as far as 12 miles from land. With that action, American territory increased dramatically. I invite you to consider a comparable expansion in the coming months, Leo. Seize more space. Seek further privileges. Ask for a bigger piece of everything.

On Friday I asked a larger number of people for help and it was amazing what came of that. A lot of people can give a little and 1 other person will be better off. That one person who is about to be better off is not me but a really good friend of mine.

On Saturday I was given the chance to buy into a 3000 square foot home in Toronto. At the end of this year I will own a condo and home in Toronto plus 23 acres of land up North.

When I moved to Toronto 14 years ago, I could not afford rent and was taken in for 6 months by a pretty amazing couple. My formula for success; handwork (no work is above you), live small and within your means, pay attention, give back and always budget a little bit each month for a random adventure (that is really why we are alive). Patience and persistence and when the moment is right….. Seize more space. Seek further privileges. Ask for a bigger piece of everything. And take as many people up with you as possible.

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