Hump day for November 27

IMG_0960 In 1996 Canada started a treaty to stop landmines from being used in wars. In 2013 our Government is more worried about our trade relationships with countries than leading the world as humanitarians.

PS – 1996 we had a Liberal Government. Not NDP, nor Conservative.

Harper our Warrior.

Hump Day for November 6

harper not care

Another attack on the middle class, the working class, the average Canadian. In a time when job security is scarce why is it that our Government is making the safety net of our society smaller and smaller yet my taxes are not changing. If I pay taxes I would like them to be used to help Canada keep Canadians sheltered, educated, healthy and safe. Who is getting all of our money and where is it going?

Changes to Employment Insurance 

Hump Day for October 16

harper oct 16“Despite our accomplishments, we will not rest here. We must go further and we must go faster.” Says the man with a majority government who holds meetings in secret. Start paying attention.

And a little something along with the Senate that he won’t be talking about. NYC anyone?

Treat me Right for September 12

native eagle graffiti Neil Young vs/ Stephen Harper

My simple question; with all of our land and the bullk of it being unused why are we not laying down solar panels and erecting windmills? We have the space, we have that energy source. Hell I will even keep paying the 1% their 99% of the monies, I simply request a clean energy source. That’s all. Not some Hippie Utopia where we are all equal just a world that is not poisoning itself.

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