Hump Day for June 18


IMN blanket2Please start paying attention Canada.

We need to serious get moving in one direction to take back our country.

Harper and The Northern Gateway

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Hump Day for April 30

canada 1stCanada 1st. Canada for all of its citizens. I am heart broken living under Stephen Harper. More information on how our fiscally conservative leader is helping out the common folk.

Fair Elections Act.

Hump Day for April 23


Trust me, I love cats. That lovely creature is mine. He is adored.

Interesting that they now have an awards show and they are getting their own cafes around the world.

Thank you to folk at Shit Harper Did. Watch the video, click here.


Hump Day for March 26

rainmanAin’t life easy now. Just a click of a button away. Why use a map, or go to the library, or remember any phone numbers when it is all so conveniently located on our smart phone. Love those aps with face recognition? Love connecting with everyone about everything all over the world? Conspiracy theorist I am not. Realist I am.

They used to need a warrant to come into our homes. If we live online now, why don’t these rules apply?

Hump Day for March 12

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAStephen Harper won the 2011 election and was granted a majority government which we are now seeing the full effect of. The craziest part of all of the changes in the last 3 years is that the majority of Canadians don’t agree with anything that is going on in our country.

Right now the Conservative Government is putting forward another bill that will change the landscape of our country. The Fair Elections Act. Google this and you will see a list of articles all stating that this is not good for Canadian Elections.  Not a big reader watch Rick Mercer do what he does best.

Since Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party hit the scene they have not backed away from one of its key messages – its time to talk about Canada and Canadians and not Party Lines and Politicians. Politicians need to start doing what is best for Canada and not doing whatever is needed to stay in power. The NDP and the Green are right beside the Liberals.

If you think the idea of coalition government is a bad thing how do you like living in a country where just 39% of the voters gave one party 54% of the MPs and 100% of the power. I personally would love to see the left leaning parties work together since most of the people voting for them are fundamentally the same with a few minute differences. What we are not, is anywhere close to similar to Stephen Harper. I love hearing Thomas Mulcair talk about working with the Liberals. That is what is going to get Canada moving in the right direction. Partisan Politics are killing me.

Here is a few way to make your voice heard

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