You’re being watched

smile you are on cameraMy father has tossed around the idea of doing a Phd in Theology. His thesis would be on the New Testament , The Book of Grace, in his mind.

I am going to be mindful of being watched but I like the other noun of grace, “simple elegance or refinement of movement.” I think I will channel that energy as  I go about my day.

Day of Thanks for December 22

xmas-sweater-torontoLeo Jul 23 | Aug 22 “There are two kinds of light,” said author James Thurber, “the glow that illuminates, and the glare that obscures.” Lately you have been an abundant source of that first kind of light, Leo. The fire in your heart and the gleam in your eyes have not only brightened the mood wherever you’ve gone. They have also clarified confusing situations, warmed chilly attitudes and healed dispirited allies. Thank you! In the coming weeks, I’d love to see you continue on your hot streak. To help ensure that you do, keep your ego under control. Don’t let it pretend that it owns the light you’re emitting. With a little introspection, you will continue to generate illumination, not glare.


Back in 1986 my Grandma knit myself and my sister an amazing Christmas sweater. My sister found them this year and mailed mine out to me. On December 14th I started the “12 days of Christmas” Tanya Style! Tonight is the 9th day of Christmas so I will be heading over to Chris and Justin’s home for dinner. Each night I have been subjecting my friends to photo shoots with me and the sweater. When we part ways I then post the photos on FaceBook with a blurb about why I am grateful to have them in my life.

Its funny that this horoscope came out 4 days after I started my Christmas countdown. I have definitely have been bringing the ‘light’ to the parties but am completely aware that the beauty of the moments are because of all the love, support and laughter we have been giving each other for many years.

May your holiday season shine brightly!

xmas sweater

My buddy Stephanie.


My friend Catherine and her family.


Fellow arts and crafter Chua!


My neighbours Kelly and Victor.


Robert and the Christmas Sweater.


My work crew after the Nut Cracker.


Justin and Chris and of course Marvin!


And my favourite fellow in the world …. Tigger! xo

Hump Day for March 5

obey religionToday is my mom’s birthday. I describe her as the definition of unconditional love and say that she is like Martha Stewart without the drive to be famous. If you ask her what she wants for her children it is two things; to be happy and to be kind. That is it.

This photo sums up what religion has become for most of us. I am watching the new Pope with awe and appreciation.

Thank you to those who live their lives with kindness for themselves and for others.

Pope Francis

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