Project: Kensington Market Giveaway

1/ Have art installations around Toronto to try to bring people here and to learn to engage with all people in unfamiliar territory. Thinking on your feet and creating empathy. 1 project for September and 1 project for October.

I have learnt over the last 14 years in Toronto that art is a term that one can use in whatever fashion they want. Thank you.

Art installation – Kensington Market Giveaway is in the works.


Medicine Man for November 1

level1 level2

I like keeping my keys in the same place as soon as I walk in the door. I misplace them very easily. I made these so you could always know where your keys are and have something nice to look at. If you are living in Toronto and would like to keep a level head about where your keys are at at all times (hardy har har) drop me a line and you can take one home with you.

Medicine Man for July 12

mmjuly 12 IMG_0204 IMG_0200

I saw beautiful¬†art in a shop where someone took old dishes from Value Village type shops and glued them into these lovely stacks of glass. I went to an auction and bought 5 old light covers for $15.00. One of them I am going to use in my kitchen and the other four became these beauties. Fruit bowl, feather bowl, pretty thing bowl or oh my god where did you get that bowl bowl. Who knows? I also don’t know who is reading along and why, so if you are reading along and live in Toronto and fancy one of these, then please send me a message and a bowl is yours!


Update: the top one is gone. Thanks Lama!

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