Day of thanks for March 31


I am grateful to have met someone who would love this painting too. She was just told it would be detrimental to the sale of her house. It was hidden under the spare bed as far away as possible. Strong words come from good art.

Tomorrow is her birthday. April Fools Day. Its an appropriate birthday for her.

Day of Thanks for March 24

ritatanyaTwice a year the woman in the back seat gives me gorgeous smokey eyes. She also taught me how to look at things much differently. It is a good thing to connect your heart to your eyes. Thank you Rita!

I’m so glad she found me for February 22

elephant butte

I made this guy while in Elephant Butte, New Mexico. I left him with my friend there as a gift for staying at her place. She has one of all of my random art trends thru the years. Its always good to have kind hearted friends that cheer you along.

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