About Face Mondays for July 29


I took this photo in India. I liked the back drop and patiently waited for some folk, from the 1 religion I have never seen going around the world trying to take over other people’s spaces, to walk by. Right now based on everything I keep reading online I thought I would post a little something hopeful.

About Face Mondays for July 8


I love this woman. She grew up in an area in India where the dialect is Kannada. I told her I spoke Canada too so why can’t we understand each other? She laughed, so maybe she got my joke or maybe she just knew to laugh. Either way she added to the magic of McLeod Ganj.

About Face Mondays – July 1


I bought this man a beer, he made fun of my Birkenstocks. Jesus sandals. He bought me a beer back. I have a bit of a crush on him. Happy Canada Day and Happy Independence Day to my Southern Neighbours!

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