I’m so glad she found me November 9


Do you remember Grimace?

Grimace a well-meaning simpleton whose clumsy antics provided a comic foil to Ronald McDonald. Your childhood

Grimace a facial expression, often ugly or contorted, that indicates disapproval, pain, etc. How you feel as an adult after eating McDonalds

Medicine Man for November 1

level1 level2

I like keeping my keys in the same place as soon as I walk in the door. I misplace them very easily. I made these so you could always know where your keys are and have something nice to look at. If you are living in Toronto and would like to keep a level head about where your keys are at at all times (hardy har har) drop me a line and you can take one home with you.

Hearing the Gospel for October 13

sidewalk mm

I came across this guy a few days after the Idle Installation in the park. I think he is from a long time ago and another way of being. Or so I like to think. When looking for signs to make sense of things you can also just make them up.

Medicine Man for September 20

couch art

I wanted to get some new art for above my couch. I looked at a lot of very beautiful art and came to the conclusion that a bigger piece of art will cost a bigger amount of money. Fair enough. Then I got lucky. I bought an old drawer that was roughed up and covered in paint because really whose to say that’s not abstract art. The other fellow I found tucked into a corner of an antique shop north of Toronto. Total cost $85.00

Hearing the Gospel for September 15


And this is how one finds the pieces for Googlie Eye art. They can be very obvious on occasion.                                                                                            

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