Idle No More … The New Generation of Movers and Shakers

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Young Indigenous Leaders – 5 Under 30 to Watch in 2015.

My sisters sent me this article and photo. They live in Winnipeg.

Growing up in Manitoba, the inequality between the First Nation Community and those of us who came after, was always evident. In the last 2 years I have seen a huge shift in how we are viewing our First Nations neighbours and more importantly how they are presenting themselves in media. I love seeing the conversation changing and become what I hope is a move to more balanced and respectful dialogue. We live on the land of really brilliant people.


Treat me right for January 30

taking it back

Sport team names. I don’t know why we are even fighting over this point. If it offends the group it was named after than I am guessing the group did not give permission to have their culture used. If they did not give their permission then there likely was not a conversation between the two parties and if you are not in the mood to talk to the people you are named after than why in the world would you want to be named after them?

Great point of view from DJ NDN from the group a Tribe called Red.  Do you think we’ve actually hit that turning point? This answer woke me up to something I knew but did really understand.

I am happy to see what is occurring now that the barriers to education, society, health care etc are being broken down.

Proud to be

Treat me right for January 23


This is the first photo that I am posting that I did not take. It is done by an artist named Mervin Windsor. I found it on Facebook and fell in love.

Tuesday night I came up with a business outline for my up coming work conference. The idea came from a signature on my good friend’s email.

minaademowin, as I understand it in words, is a way of communicating with another being. It comes from the heart and a place of recognition that we are all connected. It comes from the heart, straight out and outward for the purposes of going up, for the purposes of growth and growing. In english, it means ‘respect’.

I love that business models are coming to me from this culture. I love that Harper is getting one of his biggest push backs from our First Nation’s communities. Their actions are inspiring us to speak up for the parts of Canada we love but forget we have to protect. I think the other side of the 2015 election is going to be beautiful.

Treat me Right for September 12

native eagle graffiti Neil Young vs/ Stephen Harper

My simple question; with all of our land and the bullk of it being unused why are we not laying down solar panels and erecting windmills? We have the space, we have that energy source. Hell I will even keep paying the 1% their 99% of the monies, I simply request a clean energy source. That’s all. Not some Hippie Utopia where we are all equal just a world that is not poisoning itself.

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