Medicine Man for July 26


I love shirts with awesome sayings. If I am going to be a billboard then it is going to be my own slogan.

Make your own: Screen printing kit, wax paper, cutting board and an X-acto knife is all you need. My only recommendation is to cut lightly as pressing hard will tear the wax paper all you need is a little pressure.

Medicine Man for May 31

toe finger

They say that the length of your foot is the distance between your wrist and your elbow as well as some other interesting body facts.

But did you know that your thumb and your big toe look shockingly alike? This is true for me and it is true for Murray Hemingway (these are her digits). Try it.

Happy Friday and Happy Birthday to my sister!

Medicine Man Fridays


Every Friday we are going to post the results from our ongoing experiments. It is going to be like the magical day of making your own volcano in grade school.

This is an earlier post. I am wrapping up another lime influenced experiment this week. Stay tuned next week for more about the power of the lime.

No more posts.