Treat me right for October 3

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One of my favourite places in the world (and I have been fortunate enough to visit all continents but Antarctica) is a Canadian Lake. There is really nothing better than being up North and forgoing a shower for the time you are there and simply getting clean and refreshed in the best mineral bath in the world. My sister’s dogs agree. When I first starting my Thursday posts I thought I had a lot of time before the Canada-China Treaty became a real threat. It appears I don’t.

There is what is going

Christy Clark – is backing the China Canada Treaty

CBC on the Treaty – have a listen and form your own opinion

If this one is too long there is always the Lovely Rick Mercer – short and to the point

Huffington’s coverage – Articles from Oct 2012 onwards

Leadnow is involved so you can be too 

Donate today to help Hupacasath First Nations

Treat me Right for August 1

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My mom made me a pair of Moccasins when I was about 10 years old. We went down to the Native Art shop and bought the leather, fur and the beaded top which I just learned is called the vamp or uppers. I loved them and wished they were never outgrown. A group of woman are making part of the Moccasin for a very different reason. Walking with our Sisters is an amazing art installation. 

And as always, what is going on in our mother nature

First the water became unprotected.

Second the land is being sold off.

Treat me Right for July 25

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The simple truth. Could not have said it better. Love this line … “Yes – your trendy new tea or super-fruit of the month was most likely discovered by Indigenous Peoples long before they hit your grocery store shelf.”

3 Reasons You Need to Support Indigenous Peoples, Even If You Are Not Indigenous.

And as always, what is going on in our mother nature

First the water became unprotected.

Second the land is being sold off.

Treat me right for June 27


I got to chatting with a man last night in the laundry mat and he told me that right now we have 96 days of food for the whole planet if a major disaster were to happen. That he said was the lowest it has ever been. He might have been onto something.

The volatile climate and the privatization of our food supply are putting us in a precarious situation. Think Monsanto. As a country with a large amount of land and fresh water I wonder why we are not taking a page out of Qatar’s security policy. Once again maybe too much space and too many resources are giving us a false sense of security and time. All that said, either way, I definitely don’t think that giving away control our natural resources to China is a good idea.

1 of the 3 points of the IDLE NO MORE MOVEMENT – 1 that most definitely affects us all

Not a fan of treaties? Then this is the link for you. And if that scares you a little or a lot or if you feel like it might not be the best thing the click here!

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