My International Woman’s Day Crush

Elizabeth_MayMarch 8th was International Woman’s Day. Yesterday we also sprung forward in time. Coincidence. I think not.

There is a petition going around to get women onto Canadian currency. Click here to sign

If we win this one I am going to start another to get Elizabeth May on the 5 dollar bill. Blue gold. Water.

In a time where women are underrepresented in politics she leads a Party. Since 2006 she has been growing and strengthening the Green Party in Canada so this year Elisabeth May is My International Woman’s Day Crush.

Thank you!!


The Power of Good Neighbours

dog on ttcI took this photo years ago riding the Dundas Street Car.

My new neighbours are going to be Wolves, Coyotes, Bears and more. I am not too certain on how to live in close proximately to any of them but I am slowly learning. I think with a little understanding we will be good neighbours.

Heres is a little something to read about wolves – B.C. Wolves!

I appreciate the ability of  to give our voices more strength.

Treat me right for June 5

GETHOMESAFE It’s hard to read about what happens to women around the world knowing that I live in a relatively safe country. It is even more difficult to know that in my own country one group of women experience more acts of violence than any other group.

They were hoping to hit 300,000 signatures last week and have managed that. In a country of 35 million that seems like a really low number. Take a moment to sign here.

Medicine Man for Aug 16

dad swing

I love this photo. My father told me “Never apologize for being born in the land of milk and honey.” That said, he has volunteered in his community his whole life, believes in equal rights and equal opportunity for all, is curious about other cultures and loves his two gay children. Maybe, when you look around at the world right now you feel incredibly blessed about your lot in life . Maybe, you are wondering how to make a difference. Lord knows I am.

Sign up online for news letters from organizations that are out there working on our behalf for a  better place. Then read it, share it, tweet it.  Maybe most importantly start thinking about how you spend your money. Yesterday I posted a link to what Nestle is doing with water in BC (and Ontario). Here is their Chairman and former CEO’s thoughts on water. Today I bid farewell to my childhood candy bars. Nestle gets no more of my money!

Sign Here – SumofUS

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