I hope he has a solid left


tigger couchMy neighbours told me the red squirrels are bad right now and this might be a summer full of rodents.

That made me think about how many animals Tigger is going to have to contend with.

My best guess is that none of them will actively seek out a cat, but I really don’t know.

Wild turkeys and cats?  Deer, squirrels, owls and cats?

Bears, coyotes, wolves…. you don’t have to read about those combos.

I will have to do a little research.

No cat outside unattended and not after dark.

He has his claws. He has a bell. I really hope he has the ability to hold his own.




I have never shopped at Tiffany, but this December I randomly received their catalog in the mail. Their catalog showed up the same day as my Meowingtons watch.


Coincidence, I think not.


Tiffany knows I got great style.

Just Broken In For June 14

tulip tigger-tulip1 tigger-tulip4I live in Parkdale and out back is an overgrown garden with 1 random tulip. My cat sits next to that tulip.

Today I took him to the vet to make sure all of his shots are up to date cause we are prepping for the move up North. Turns out he has lost 2 pounds in the last year which is perfect because my overweight indoor cat needs to get ready for the great outdoors too!


Addition to the name: King Meow Meow Reigns Supreme Over All, especially Tulip.



Day of Thanks for April 14

cat grafitti

This past Sunday it was spring like warm so I took myself down the alleyways of Toronto. This is the first piece I took a picture of. Another graffiti admirer stopped as he passed by to tell me it was a good find. He took a few shots of her too.

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