Every Canadian Counts

The value a society places on each of its members is a reflection of the intelligence of that society.

I was out with a coworker yesterday and the topic of Aboriginal women came up. I told her that they did not receive the right to vote in Canada until 1960. She did not believe me but she should have because unfortunately, I am correct.

GETHOMESAFELately our Aboriginal woman have been front and centre in the media and I wish it was for something better than the sad reality that they are more likely to be harmed than any other group of woman in Canada. The story of Rinelle Harper is heartbreaking and wonderful in the same moment.

Today is the 2 year anniversary of the Idle No More Movement, a grassroots female lead initiative to move Aboriginal rights forward and take a stance against Stephen Harper.

INM4I am a huge fan of indigenous cultures, in Canada and around the world. I am a huge fan of human rights. I am very embarrassed that this is my what is going on in my country.


Treat me right for June 5

GETHOMESAFE It’s hard to read about what happens to women around the world knowing that I live in a relatively safe country. It is even more difficult to know that in my own country one group of women experience more acts of violence than any other group.

They were hoping to hit 300,000 signatures last week and have managed that. In a country of 35 million that seems like a really low number. Take a moment to sign here.

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