Blue Sky Beauty

bluesky floor plan

A friend sent me a few links to various tiny homes which lead me to Blue Sky, another brilliant Canadian company.

Before stumbling here I was thinking of my Ginger Shack as a 100 square foot little home with an outhouse near by and a tub over in another corner. These guys changed everything. I am now going to build a deck, 24 X 20 foot, which will house the bunkie, an outhouse, a rain feed shower, a sauna with lots of living space to enjoy. This honestly just made me feel like I really can go live in 100 square feet and not feel hard done by. Things are looking good for the Ginger Shack!!





NOMAD Brilliance


This design helped me figure out the stairs in my place and confirmed that the size of windows I was thinking of was definitely correct for me. Take the style of these stairs and add the open cupboard concept of the other stairs and I now have my kitchen cupboards/staircase sorted. Or at least for the moment.

NOMAD Micro Homes is a Canadian company based in BC and this style is right inline with what I have been coming up with. For me, part of the beauty in living in 100 square feet, is living with what you need. Simplicity on all levels. I would go crazy in 100 square feet if there were not a lot of windows showing me wide open space. I cannot wait to come home to a huge piece of land and a little home. The right mix of living space for this woman.

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