Treat me right for October 10th

idle 2 idle 1

Saturday night at Nuit Blanche was great. I learnt not only about how to make a better “art installation” but more about the Idle No More movement and our First Nation’s history. My good friend Chris has his own blog and wrote about the night. This post was picked up by #IdleNoMore daily. A great site to keep you informed!

Treat me right for October 3

ws in lake S in lake

One of my favourite places in the world (and I have been fortunate enough to visit all continents but Antarctica) is a Canadian Lake. There is really nothing better than being up North and forgoing a shower for the time you are there and simply getting clean and refreshed in the best mineral bath in the world. My sister’s dogs agree. When I first starting my Thursday posts I thought I had a lot of time before the Canada-China Treaty became a real threat. It appears I don’t.

There is what is going

Christy Clark – is backing the China Canada Treaty

CBC on the Treaty – have a listen and form your own opinion

If this one is too long there is always the Lovely Rick Mercer – short and to the point

Huffington’s coverage – Articles from Oct 2012 onwards

Leadnow is involved so you can be too 

Donate today to help Hupacasath First Nations

Treat me Right for September 12

native eagle graffiti Neil Young vs/ Stephen Harper

My simple question; with all of our land and the bullk of it being unused why are we not laying down solar panels and erecting windmills? We have the space, we have that energy source. Hell I will even keep paying the 1% their 99% of the monies, I simply request a clean energy source. That’s all. Not some Hippie Utopia where we are all equal just a world that is not poisoning itself.

No more posts.