Treat me right for April 3

wolfI grew up reading comics; Marvel, DC, Archie and anything else I liked the look of. As an adult I love graphic novels. I can remember how happy I was when they first started to introduce gay characters into this world. Looks like our First Nations kids are now going to know that feeling too. Meet Equinox in the Justice League United.


Treat me right for March 6

no trespassingWe have become trespassers on our land.

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Harper’s omnibus bills C-38 and C-45 have removed a number protective measures that may have stopped projects like this from coming to fruition in the past. Our waterways are no longer protected, Line 9 requires no environmental impact assessment, and those looking to testify in “public” hearings on energy projects have to provide a CV and fill out a ten-page application to do so – though many who did this for Line 9 were not permitted to speak. Additionally, this public hearings process has basically been degraded into a public relations spectacle: No matter what the NEB ruled, the federal government would be able to overturn this decision.

Ummm check out that map … thru our grain belt, around our fresh water system and passing thru our most densely populated area

Brilliant planning!

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