Treat me right for May 8

first  big loveI was searching around today looking for something to post and came across this article. I grew up in a home filled with First Nations Art, my parents love this style. There is one room at the AGO dedicated to the work of Karoo Ashevak. It is my favorite room. So today’s post is dedicated to the brilliant First Nation’s Artist of Canada. If you live in Winnipeg head to the WAG and check out 7: Professional Native Indian Artists Inc.

Treat me right for April 3

wolfI grew up reading comics; Marvel, DC, Archie and anything else I liked the look of. As an adult I love graphic novels. I can remember how happy I was when they first started to introduce gay characters into this world. Looks like our First Nations kids are now going to know that feeling too. Meet Equinox in the Justice League United.


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