I am a Giraffe

This Saturday I am going to show up and protest Bill C – 51.

I wish I was going for a walk. I wish this was not going on in my country.

I am, for the first time, actually scared of what is going on.

When you are scared you can do two things, Fight or Flight.


My International Woman’s Day Crush

Elizabeth_MayMarch 8th was International Woman’s Day. Yesterday we also sprung forward in time. Coincidence. I think not.

There is a petition going around to get women onto Canadian currency. Click here to sign

If we win this one I am going to start another to get Elizabeth May on the 5 dollar bill. Blue gold. Water.

In a time where women are underrepresented in politics she leads a Party. Since 2006 she has been growing and strengthening the Green Party in Canada so this year Elisabeth May is My International Woman’s Day Crush.

Thank you!!


Happy Birthday!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is one of my favourite pictures of my mom. She is not a fan of it. I love it. It is like the best caricature of her ever.

I grew up in a home filled with everything good. Love, laughter, humour, discipline, chores, road trips, friendship (there is more, way more).

When I talk about my mom I always say two things….

“If you looked up the definition of unconditional love, you would see a picture of her there.”

“My mom is like Martha Stewart without the need to be famous. Amazing baking, homemade halloween costumes, cake decorating course birthday cakes, hand made moccasins, a creative and well decorated home and a garden that was delicious. Oh yah, she also worked full time.”


everywhere is anywhere is anything is everything

“We live our lives forward and make sense of them backwards.”

If my memory serves me correctly this was a line in the book Generation X by Douglas Coupland.

I have read a few of his books and have gone to a number of his art shows. He has a really interesting mind.

If you live in Toronto or Vancouver I recommend taking the time to see his work.


lego-coupland lego-coupland1



Valentinus says….

You should always follow your heart because even if you don’t, you don’t avoid heartache, you just avoid the good times.

Vday lady








I love heart graffiti and have been taking photos of it for years. In the beginning of my blog I dedicated Tuesdays to these hearts and all moments of love.

This year I decided to start playing along and hung some of my heart art up in Toronto. The first one was in Kensington Market and the second one was taken down before I could even get a photo. I like to think someone took it home rather than took it down.

My third piece was hung up near Church Street.

love art - churchI have not really had a relationship with Church Street for the past 6 years but for the first 8 it was an important part of my life. In 2000 I arrived here after a year of travelling and found myself living near Church and Maitland for the first month and then in 2006 when I came back to live after a year of travelling, I again found myself on Church Street.  In the years 2000 – 2005, I partied there, met girls there, opened up and managed a Flight Centre and found out that it can be a really wonderful thing to be a gay person.

So this is my gift of thanks to a Street that showed me a lot of love.

yyz-loveart yyz-loveart1

What I Wore to FoodLand

I have basically worn a uniform my entire working life. Sometimes I don’t even know why I bother to buy clothes but I love good design and beautiful fabrics so I cannot resist. But I can be patient.

I love everything about the 3rd Floor at The Bay. I really love when they get ready for the next season.

Sale Price = take an extra 20% off = $529.36

Regular Price Total = $1586.52

Savings = $1057.16!!


I met Dana for the first time that day and she was the one who found me the jacket and sweater. Perfect size and perfect for my style. If you live in Toronto, love paying very little for very beautiful clothing I suggest you go meet this woman.


Measure twice

Cut once. I suck at following this very simple and very important rule.

Tonight two of my friends are getting married so Mia and I decided to make home made wedding cards.


Measure twice, cut once. Missed that part of the plan yet again. d&j-1

Good thing I am quick on my feet.


Hot Chocolate

Toronto Life published “Secrets to a Happy Toronto Winter” and number 4 was hot chocolate. Ticking off each one was a great way to spend some time in my city.

Briotett Crème de ChataigneColettes – is a stunning French bistro in downtown Toronto. Of all the 5 recommended hot chocolates this one is the most expensive and fair enough. It has alcohol, a tasty chocolate topping and the service is excellent. Tasty yes, but I would take my 18.00 and buy a bottle of wine and some truffles instead.

somaSoma – This one can be served with milk or water but I like to take it as one intense, spicy, deep dark chocolate shot. Amazing!  I have been drinking this one for a number of years now at their location in the Distillery Market. Delish.

nadegeNadège – fruity notes did not work for me but that carmel ‘donut’ is out of this world.


Delight – Again this hot chocolate did not move me. The peanut butter molten goo was not present when I showed up so I was a little disappointed. I would not go back for the hot chocolate but they have a 5 year old aged cheddar truffle that I will bring me back to them again and again.

Barsa TabernaBarsa Taberna – could not agree more with the write up. Delicious and my favourite!


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