Sieve and Oil Can Set

Sieve for him

Reuse a sieve to help you find the things that sometimes you might be looking for. The oil can is just so much prettier empty and adds that touch of industrial flare we upcycling tree huggers seem to love.

$40.00 (SOLD)

Bathroom Humour

Maybe you can just take a copy of this picture by clicking on it but if you cannot and would like a copy let me know and I will email you one. Thanks for stopping by.

Tupperware Plant Pot Party

The two cups come apart so you have a little area to store things in. I recommend storing green things.

$35.00 (SOLD)

Etched Birds Glass Set

Not only do you get 4 beautiful glasses but you also get a promise that if you break one I will give you the extra one that I have been enjoying. How great is that? A get one break free promise!

$12.00 (SOLD)

Unicorn Drinking Set

The perfect set to pull out when your best friend comes over for a night in.

$15.00 (SOLD)

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