Hump Day for November 6

harper not care

Another attack on the middle class, the working class, the average Canadian. In a time when job security is scarce why is it that our Government is making the safety net of our society smaller and smaller yet my taxes are not changing. If I pay taxes I would like them to be used to help Canada keep Canadians sheltered, educated, healthy and safe. Who is getting all of our money and where is it going?

Changes to Employment Insurance 

Hump Day for October 16

harper oct 16“Despite our accomplishments, we will not rest here. We must go further and we must go faster.” Says the man with a majority government who holds meetings in secret. Start paying attention.

And a little something along with the Senate that he won’t be talking about. NYC anyone?

Hump Day for October 9th

Grandpa L

This is my Grandpa Lacquement. My mom’s dad. If you go to the war museum in Ottawa look at the map of Normandy. You will see a dot representing the Little Black Devils and a line out from that dot representing the line those men travelled up the beach on D-Day. My Grandpa was in that regiment. My grandma liked to say …. “Before the war, Edmond didn’t drink, swear or smoke. When he came home he did all three.”

Harper is looking into rewriting our history with a new emphasis on Canada’s role in wars. He has changed our immigration exams to have a greater emphasis on our country’s role in wars. Funny how a guy so into wars is not interested in caring for those who wrote the history. Veterans deserve our care upon their return.
Sign here to help protect our veterans.

Hump Day for September 25


While looking for something juicy to post about Harper today I came across a number of good ones, but this one seems to be really under reported. To all the “big L” “little c” folk who thinking voting conservative helps you with your money READ THIS PLEASE. Thank you Paul Martin. I wish you lasted longer but there is hope. The Toronto Centre Liberal Candidate is now Chrystia Freeland. She wrote a brilliant book. I am willing to support the idea that the way to help the middle class person be able to buy a home is not 40 year mortgages with zero down (thats risky as hell) but to examine the shrinking of the middle class and implement policies to redistribute wealth among all members of society.

Chrystia Freeland: Ted Talk

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