Hump Day for May 7

grafitti facesSo Harper got rid of Stats Canada as the long form census was invasive to Canadians. Now we rely on Kijiji job postings to capture a snap shot of job growth in Canada!?! Wow. Read the real job growth numbers here.

Hump Day for April 23


Trust me, I love cats. That lovely creature is mine. He is adored.

Interesting that they now have an awards show and they are getting their own cafes around the world.

Thank you to folk at Shit Harper Did. Watch the video, click here.


Hump Day for Wednesday April 9

jesus max occupancyHere is what happens when you play politics along separatist lines and religious intolerance. You get the boot from liberal open minded Canadians. Lets hope this type of upset continues in Canada and in 2015 we see a new Prime Minister who believes in Democracy.

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