Medicine Man for February 28

mittguy1 mittguy2

I love creatures (a given by now). Whenever I stay in hotels I take their shoe shine mitts and bring them home to turn them into creatures for my friends.

I made this one for my new friend Quinn. He is a red headed boy that I met for the first time this Wednesday. He looks a little like he could be mine but he definitely looks like he belongs to his momma, Anna.

The creature has a blue eye and a pink eye. I don’t understand the war over colors and newborns so he gets both cause they are both great colors. I am lucky because depending on what I am doing with my friend’s kids I get to be either Auntie Tanya or Uncle Bruce. Its good to go between both genders. Its good to explore all of your person and not hide from parts of yourself based on what a closed minded group of people tell you to act like.

I wish for Quinn many moments of happiness no matter what color.                                     xo

Medicine Man for February 14


I want to whisper sweet nothings and dirty somethings in your ear.

I have been working on a book of love since I was 32. Each time I fall for someone that I cannot get I still need to get that love out. I like falling in love and I don’t mind the not falling but trying part either. Any which way I am best when my heart is switched on.

This year I had the most amazing Valentine’s Day.


Medicine Man for January 17

fireplace1 fireplace2

The fireplace is done in time for the winter weather thats a coming! Add big blanket, sweet girl to cuddle with, a bottle of wine and I am set! Or so I thought. I lit all of those wicks and set off my fire alarm. Romantic it was not.

I was going to try it again to take a photo that showed the madness but then realized why potentially knock over lamp oil that is lit on your wooden back porch area. So imagine it. I am really good at arranging things in a pretty way but the building of things is where I fall short, really short. This is going to become a really pretty plant pot. Safe arrangement.

Medicine Man for January 10

swantsfront swantsback

I saw these and fell in love. My mom attempted make them into a reality but could not. 45 minutes of poking around my crotch and having a laugh, we gave up. My sister-in-law’s mom made me a pair. Cashmere. I am in love.  Swants are my new favorite thing. Good luck following that online.

They even look good inside out!

Medicine Man for January 3


cb2 cb1


ca2 ca1

I bought these chairs at my local Thursday night auction for 30.00. I commissioned a local Toronto Graffiti artist/OCAD student to turn them into something beautiful. “I am thinking flowers…” Thank You Jordan Warmington! Better than anything I could have imagined.

This is the 1st Art Collaboration that will come up North with me.

Medicine Man for November 29


Today’s post is about the biggest school project of all the Medicine Man posts. It is with a very happy and humble heart that I closed the deal on 23 acres of some of the most beautiful Canadian wilderness. I am the new owner of a plot of land that is about to be slowly transformed with the help of some pretty talented and awesome friends into a environmentally sound, off the grid (as much as possible), self sustaining homestead.

Medicine Man for November 22

brownie cookie icecream

My quest for healthy sweetness continues. I have decided I am going to make my desserts fancy. I am not a great cook, timing and spicing are still out of reach, but I want to feel like I am contributing to the meal on a similar level as the chef. About 11 years ago at Susur in Toronto, I had the server walk me around my plate of pig like he was reading from a clock. It was the first time in my life I heard the words foie gras and the first time I ate pig ears. So without further ado, at 3 o’clock we have the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Chickpea Cookie, at 6 o’clock we have the Vegan Walnut Date Brownie and over there at around 10pm is the delicious Peanut Butter Banana “Ice Cream!”


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