Medicine Man for May 30

happy truckThe end of May was the deadline for the wrapping up of the “The I’m So Glad She Found Me” Art Show and to be honest I am surprised that everything worked out the way it did. 58 characters have been found and made. The final 52 still have to be decided on. I am currently looking for an empty shop space to hold the pop-up Art Gallery and I am feeling like this is going down sometime between August and October or at least that is what I am putting out into the Universe.  Saturday posts are now going to be replaced with trips up North to my land.

Medicine Man for May 23

survey2 survey4 survey5 survey6 survey7 survey8

I went survey on my land. This translates to drinking a few beer while walking in the best driveway path with a couple of good friends. I should have a driveway done by mid June. Exciting summer ahead!!

Medicine Man for May 16

beyond this point

I am posting an update on my 5 week challenge which ended last week. Truth is below ….

1/ no food from restaurants or pre-made (goodbye canned drinks). Nope. I love my take out and cans of coke. Sometimes I skipped the Coke with the take-out which felt like an accomplishment. Reality is that my diet needs work.

2/ gym 5 days a week, take three 5 minute breaks to stretch at work (10am,1pm,4pm) and finish with a 20 minute stretch session at home. Nope. More gym 3 times a week, biked every day and every where while managing once and a while to remember to touch my toes at work. No idea why this was hard…blaming it on the long overdue spring weather.

3/ no booze – Done. This was easier than I expected.

4/ no social media after work – eyes are getting a break. Done. Read 3 books, finished my Art Show pieces, and did not miss it at all.

5/ I am still going to wear my limited makeup but I will continue on with homemade deodorant, toothpaste and coconut oil for my skin. – Done. Added in the oil pulling for a while and now attempting use Baking Soda Shampoo and Apple Cider Vinegar Conditioner.

Posting this late as I just arrived back from holidays so a new twist to the post and a new 4 week challenge from May 23 – June 20.

1/ food – 2 restaurant meals a week. No coca cola.

2/ gym 5 days a week, take three 5 minute breaks to stretch at work (10am,1pm,4pm) and finish with a 20 minute stretch session at home.

3/ no booze

4/ end the day with 20 minutes of mediation and silence.

Instead of staying in a place explaining to myself why I am not doing something or am incapable of doing something I am going to take all of that energy and put it towards becoming better.


Medicine Man for May 9

Today I was going to talk about my results from the Natural Shampoo and Conditioner I was using. What I realized is that I don’t wash or condition my hair that often so in two weeks my sample size is too smallI to tell if this is right for me. What I can tell you is that it felt amazing. Different than regular shampoo and conditioner but definitely doing what they needed to.

Then I was going to tell you about my Oil Pulling results. Nothing to report here as it seems I don’t really do anything consistently. But again felt great and will add it to my life, on occasion.

Neither really motivated me to type last night so now what I am going to post today is something I did not see coming. I was in Kensington Market today and checked out my heart graffiti and to my awe I saw this. my kensington heart

The last time I saw them they looked like this.heartk5

Someone went there and cleaned up my hearts and added their own. I cannot even tell you how magical that was for my heart.

Medicine Man for April 18

oilpulling1 oilpulling2 I stumbled on this while searching out my natural hair care remedies. The Oil Pulling Challenge. I started this on April 13th and added it to my evening activities. I have managed to do it 3 times since Sunday. Its not really that bad, and if you sit and read or just sit, time goes by fine. The gums feel exactly like you would expect after 15 minutes of swishing oil around. Soft and lovely.

No more posts.