Medicine Man for May 9

Today I was going to talk about my results from the Natural Shampoo and Conditioner I was using. What I realized is that I don’t wash or condition my hair that often so in two weeks my sample size is too smallI to tell if this is right for me. What I can tell you is that it felt amazing. Different than regular shampoo and conditioner but definitely doing what they needed to.

Then I was going to tell you about my Oil Pulling results. Nothing to report here as it seems I don’t really do anything consistently. But again felt great and will add it to my life, on occasion.

Neither really motivated me to type last night so now what I am going to post today is something I did not see coming. I was in Kensington Market today and checked out my heart graffiti and to my awe I saw this. my kensington heart

The last time I saw them they looked like this.heartk5

Someone went there and cleaned up my hearts and added their own. I cannot even tell you how magical that was for my heart.

Medicine Man for April 18

oilpulling1 oilpulling2 I stumbled on this while searching out my natural hair care remedies. The Oil Pulling Challenge. I started this on April 13th and added it to my evening activities. I have managed to do it 3 times since Sunday. Its not really that bad, and if you sit and read or just sit, time goes by fine. The gums feel exactly like you would expect after 15 minutes of swishing oil around. Soft and lovely.

Medicine Man for April 11

hair mask

I don’t know if it the long winter or just me but my hair is dry and driving me crazy. I am going to try really natural since the ‘natural’ shampoo and conditioners I have been buying are not really helping out.

4 DIY Hair Masks – I am giving the first one a shot.

It takes a bit to work to get it on all the hair but it feels nice knowing that what I am putting on my body could be ingested by my body.

Along with getting around to taking the plunge into one more all natural space.

Homemade Shampoo and Conditioner

It sounds like there will be about a 2-3 week period of adjustment here so I will let you know on May 9th how my locks are doing.


Medicine Man for April 4

me and the grand canyon

March 26: I am writing these words. Working on the blog and lining up projects cause that is how this day works. Planning is needed to enjoy busy.

April 7, this is the first day since 2014 began that I can see 5 weeks in front of me with no travel or no out of town visitors coming by. I have 5 full weeks until I jump back on a plane to head to Arizona. This time not for an outdoor adventure but for a love affair adventure.

I have decided that with these 5 weeks I am going to get around to the one thing I seem to keep putting off, getting super healthy. I keep getting close but then life gets away from me which is completely fine. Balance is a good thing.

Right now women are posting photos of themselves with no makeup in support of Breast Cancer awareness. In awareness of cancer for the next 5 weeks I am going to give my body a break and am going to do the following;

1/ no food from restaurants or pre-made (goodbye canned drinks)

2/ gym 5 days a week, take three 5 minute breaks to stretch at work (10am,1pm,4pm) and finish with a 20 minute stretch session at home

3/ no booze

4/ no social media after work – eyes are getting a break

5/ I am still going to wear my limited makeup but I will continue on with homemade deodorant, toothpaste and coconut oil for my skin.

When I was 21 I went suddenly deaf in my right ear and have had chronic ringing for the past 17 years. I have made my peace with this condition and we have lived a somewhat quiet coexistence for about 13 years. In the last 6 months my ear went AWOL from this agreement. The best way I have to explain chronic ringing is “imagine being allergic to sound.” Now think about how much sound we have decided to make mandatory in our days. The way to control chronic ringing; 8 hours sleep, low sodium diet, low alcohol intake, drink your water, exercise and avoid stress. If we are going with the glass is half full attitude, which is how I roll, then at the age of 21 I was given a personal warning signal on unhealthy behaviour.  So now in order to bring one part of my body back in I have to work at it which seems a bit much but the only thing to be on the other side of these 5 weeks is good.

Medicine Man for March 28

bunny bookend1 bunny bookend2 bunny bookend3 bunny bookend4

I found this board leaning against a Shopper’s Drug Mart in the East end. I loved it at first sight. A few cuts later and the addition of one awesome dusty convenience store window trinket, bookends were born.

There is nothing better than sitting next to someone you love and reading.

Medicine Man for March 21


The Street Hearts posts began on March 26, 2013 with my favourite one of all, this guy. I wanted to take him home but thought that would be selfish so instead I slowly watched posters go up all over him and then one day the wall was broken and all traces of him gone.

Forever .. right??? Nope. So 1 year later I have gone back and added some of my own love. I am going to pop by Kensington Market every so often to see what happens with what I put up. I like the idea of letting go and seeing what other people do to my words and heart.

heartk1 heartk2 heartk3 heartk45 days later….

heartk5 heartk6


Medicine Man for March 14


I love going to my friends Ernastina and Jessica’s house for dinner. Their home is beautiful, the food is delish, I always drink too much red wine and they happily let me experiment my vegan baking on them.  Not the best photo, I always drink too much red wine.

Black Bean Brownies are pretty tasty!

Medicine Man for March 7

beauty barI like all things beautiful but in a way the Beauty Industry does not.

I got this link from a friend of mine who is keeping me updated on all things good for our bodies. I have been using Tom’s toothpaste for the last year or so but the other day I had to use Crest cause I was at work. I cannot tell you how crazy and toxic that toothpaste felt in my mouth. If you are not inclined to make your own, try the health food store for your beauty products.

Tonight I made recipe no. 2.

Home made toothpaste

Prep time – 5 minutes and that was really waiting for the oil to liquify on the stove.

At first it felt pasty and just like baking soda in my mouth but then I started to smell the peppermint and slowly the coconut oil consistency showed up and then I realized all of the cleaning and healing properties of these 4 simple ingredients in my mouth and I thought this is really awesome. I would give it a try.


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