Hearing the Gospel for December 29

peace feather

This is a peace feather.

Its from a cyclist to a driver. A gay to a straight. A woman to a man. A hippie to the corporations. A hopeful me to a hopeful you.

I wish you all the best in the coming year.

Hearing the Gospel for December 29

aokLast year’s New Year horoscope ended with …Be Extravagant and uninhibited in expressing your love for the influences that inspire you – even at the risk of being a bit unruly or messy.

This year’s New Year horoscope….. “In the coming months, I’m betting that you will exit a confined place or shed cramped expectations or break off your commitment to a compromise that has drained you. It may happen suddenly or it could take a while to complete. How the escape unfolds will have to do with how thoroughly you extract the lessons that your “incarceration” has made available. Here’s a ritual that might also expedite the process: give a gift to the people you’re leaving behind, or offer a blessing in the spot where your difficult teachings have taken place.”

Hearing the Gospel for October 27

wall monster

At a glance I thought there was a square monster hidden in the wall. Upon closer examination I could not have been farther from the truth. This photo almost captures what I thought I saw as I was quickly passing by.

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