I’m so glad she found me for March 22

Last weekend I finished about 13 of these characters. The first post went up June 1st with the idea of introducing 1 a week but over the last 3 months I took a little break from the whole production so have missed a few Saturdays. Today thou, I am very happy to introduce to you 9 new neighbours!

Fall colors character

Dec 7 – This guy loves the fall colours more than anything. He just had a good few weeks in Canada!

ghost character

Dec 14 – The ghost of Christmas past or future or was it the holy ghost? Either way here is another ghost for the month of December.

sadie and winston

Dec 21 – Meet Sadie and Winston. They are my sister’s dogs and I love going home at Christmas to hang out with them. I’ll be Auntie Tanya to pretty much anyone.

mechanic character

Dec 28 – This is your neighbourhood mechanic.

canada characters

Jan 18 – This is Canada and this year I have resolved to make it a better place to live.

mounted character

Feb 8 – Warning: Trophy hunting celebration taking place.

bump in the night characters

Feb 15 – These two are best friends and do pretty much everything together. They even go pee in the middle of the night camping together cause sometimes things are better in twos.


March 15 – This is me and my bike. I am going to start riding again cause my body is dying without it. This is month 4 of taking transit and this is one month too many.

potted plant face

March 22 – This is the inside of a pot. He is going to hang out on the wall peeking thru the bushes at you.

I’m so glad she found me for March 8

polarbearThis is a polar bear. No eye for him as he is perfect just the way he came.

I did a grade 3 project on them and am one of their biggest fans.  I love these guys the most out of all the bears cause I am from Manitoba.


I’m so glad she found me for March 1

bman1 bman2

My friend gave me this piece. She found it and thought I would like it. Wrong, I LOVE HIM! This is one of my favorite finds so far. I am over the moon that people I know are playing along. I hope that once the show is up that other people will play along and start to change the way they view “garbage!”

Thanks Stephanie for this great new neighbour.

He has found a home.

africanman1 africanman2

I’m so glad she found me for February 22

elephant butte

I made this guy while in Elephant Butte, New Mexico. I left him with my friend there as a gift for staying at her place. She has one of all of my random art trends thru the years. Its always good to have kind hearted friends that cheer you along.

I’m so glad she found me for January 18


This is my friend, Dave.

About 8 years ago I started to glue googlie eyes on random photos of people and force them on my friends as gifts. In the last 4 years I have been gluing them onto found objects in order to make characters out of garbage. I have wanted to have my own art show in Toronto since arriving here. A bucket list thing one might say. Last year I figured out the beginning of my art show, the title and the thesis (if art shows have a thesis). This month I finally figured out the end of the show. It seems knowing how to wrap something up can be as hard as getting something started.

I have 52 characters in total. I like to call them my neighbours.

Some will have googlie eyes glued on and some will not. The last few pieces I have found seem to be so obviously what they are that attaching a plastic eye would take away from their brilliance rather than highlight it.

I have also employed the help of a very talented friend David Burton to help show me how to use my camera and in turn hopefully capture the true character of each piece. We are going to collaborate to bring you 52 glam shots of my found neighbours. If you are popping by for the first time feel free to scroll thru the Saturday posts to meet some of them.

Completion date: May 31st.

I’m so glad she found me for January 11


Last night I figured out what the show is going to look like. Originally my end goal was to have 40 pieces to exhibit. After fall/spring/new year cleaning my apartment I finally made sense of all the pieces. It turns out I have 52 pieces. Mathematically perfect so this is the stopping point. 1 new guest a week. So it looks like I owe you Dec 7,14,21,28. They will be coming.

This one is titled Friends. It is the same as the other friends but without any eyes. Everything is much easier to see from the other perspective now.

No more posts.