Hot Chocolate

Toronto Life published “Secrets to a Happy Toronto Winter” and number 4 was hot chocolate. Ticking off each one was a great way to spend some time in my city.

Briotett Crème de ChataigneColettes – is a stunning French bistro in downtown Toronto. Of all the 5 recommended hot chocolates this one is the most expensive and fair enough. It has alcohol, a tasty chocolate topping and the service is excellent. Tasty yes, but I would take my 18.00 and buy a bottle of wine and some truffles instead.

somaSoma – This one can be served with milk or water but I like to take it as one intense, spicy, deep dark chocolate shot. Amazing!  I have been drinking this one for a number of years now at their location in the Distillery Market. Delish.

nadegeNadège – fruity notes did not work for me but that carmel ‘donut’ is out of this world.


Delight – Again this hot chocolate did not move me. The peanut butter molten goo was not present when I showed up so I was a little disappointed. I would not go back for the hot chocolate but they have a 5 year old aged cheddar truffle that I will bring me back to them again and again.

Barsa TabernaBarsa Taberna – could not agree more with the write up. Delicious and my favourite!


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