Freedom of Speech

Prairie art in the park-7I am a gay woman with a blog. I cannot imagine living in a world where I was not able to say what I think and meanwhile in some parts of the world this blog is a luxury.

Yesterday, a small fanatical group of people reacted in a terrible way to the freedom of speech, this time in Paris. Another act that scares us. Another misrepresentation of Muslims. Another pointless moment.

I am starting to question both sides of the problem because although we have the ‘right’ to say what we think, believe or feel, I wonder if it is always the correct thing to do. Moderate Muslims don’t react to these type of cartoons, they never have, so when we continually keep publishing them and keep getting the same results (rioting in the Netherlands, murder in Paris) then who is to blame for the outcome. The one who committed the crime or the one who acted in an entitled reckless way that may insight violence. If the pen is the almighty sword and we are in a war right now then why are we not using our sword in the best way possible. You want to shut out the fanatics then maybe Paris should be printing articles on the brilliant, loving, moderate, peaceful people of all cultures who are living in their city. Prove to the general population time and time again through article after article about why the world is good and loving and kind. One more cartoon about another group’s god is not a conversation starter nor is it exercising your right to your opinion, it is a thoughtless antagonistic act that got the results you were thinking you just might get.

My heart goes out to the people in Paris, my heart goes out to the bulk of the people around the world who don’t live in the same safe world I do.

Click here to sign your name in solidarity with the people of Paris.

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