The larder

larderRight now I live in a beautiful apartment and out of all my homes in Toronto this one is by far my favorite. The only downside to living there is the fridge. I have never lived with a louder, more invasive appliance in my life, it defies logic. I also happen to have tinnitus so that combined with the subtle whinny hum of the fridge I often feel like my head it going to pop off my shoulders. Solution – unplug the fridge from 5pm – 10pm nightly.

Trying to find a silver lining to this situation, I have come to the conclusion, that I am going through this experience so I could realize that we don’t need to live with a fridge or at least not the size of the fridges we currently use.

Let me introduce to you the larder!

I am going to put one of these in the Ginger Shack. The plan is to have a small larder/cellar built into the floor of the kitchen area. So take that photo and envision it as a little cellar and presto I have my ‘fridge.’

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